Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XI – Faeries, Pixies, Sprites & Friends!

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XI – Faeries, Pixies, Sprites & Friends!

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XI – Faeries, Pixies, Sprites & Friends!

A Festive Event with a Steampunk Flair!

When: Saturday, July 29th! Doors open at 7 PM with Entertainment until 2AM

Where: The “Old” Yellow Cab Building (700 E. 4th Street Dayton, OH 45402)

Why: Because Dayton needs another fun evening of art, music and mayhem!

What: An event featuring many types of performance & static art!Basics
Bands: Frenchy & the Punk, Echo Mecca
Sideshow: Cavalcade of Curiosities
Belly Dance: Troupe Roja
Burlesque: Ember
Draglesque: Miss Stixin Stones
Fire Dancing: DaShane Starfox
Ariel Arts: Unicorn & Special Guest
Hooping / Lyre Hoop: Kelsey Jean
DJ / Dancing: DJ V-Ral
Henna: Red Caravan Henna

Vendors:  Sylvan Creations, Sew Late at Night, Free Pirates for Hire, Rose & Gear, Bree Orlock Designs, Dark Crescent Studio, Lisa BunnyBird, Squid Pro Quo, Starlight Masks & Designs, Book of Holding, Beyond PlunderdomeWhimsically Obsessed, Purple Squirrel Studios, Lissa Lush, Creative Creations, Marianne C. Jackson, Kitty Crafts & More!

Food & Drinks:  The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton Food Truck, Mixed Drinks, Wine, Local Craft Beers

How Much: $15 in Advance / $20 at the Door! (Processing fee is covered by Airship Passepartout)


Frenchy & the Punk

Frenchy & the Punk – Euro-American Folk Punk Cabaret Duo – New York

Frenchy and the Punk - Imagine Siouxsie Sioux and Dee Dee Ramone had a duo that was inspired by Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, Toulouse Lautrec and Deepak Chopra, this is what it might sound like. One part Dresden Dolls, Sonny and Cher and one part White Stripes. A pixie spirited flexitarian band of tree hugging, gothic, folky, Steam Punks by way of Paris and New York. Doused in red wine, kale and granola, raised on punk rock and ballet, eclectic and uplifting… fun with a capital F!

Watch Videos of Frenchy and the Punk


Echo Mecca

Echo Mecca – Jamtronic Electronica – SouthEast,OH

Echo Mecca - Echo Mecca is an Ohio-based musical collaboration between longtime friends and co-conspirators Stephanie Filson and Brad Hoffman. Hoffman, who is an accomplished bass player, began relaying the music in his head via computer software a few years ago, but EM wasn’t born until those musical gems were fused with Filson’s lyrics and vocals. The duo is just getting started, but Echo Mecca is on the rise.

Cavalcade of Curiosities

Cavalcade of Curiosities – Chicago

Cavalcade of Curiosities – Cavalcade of Curiosities features the sideshow talents of well known electro-swing artist Vourteque and his partner in crime the amazing Samantha Siren.  


Troupe Roja

Troupe Roja – Bellydance – Dayton

Troupe Roja – Roja is a cutting-edge, multi-award-winning Middle Eastern dance troupe from Dayton, OH. Although their primary style is American cabaret/Vintage Oriental belly dance, they also specialize in prop-work (sword, fanveils, Isis wings, zills, etc) and other styles like folkloric, Dunyavi Gypsy, and theatrical fusion.


Ember – Burlesque – Louisville

Ember - You might have seen Ember perform at Yellow Cabaret before as part of the amazing Blue Moon Circus. However, now you will see a lot more of her as she does some lovely burlesque just for you!

Miss Stixin Stones

Miss Stixen Stones – Draglesque – Cincinnati

Miss Stixen Stones - Returning to Yellow Cabaret again, Miss Stixen Stones will amaze you with her style, grace & talent!

DaShane Starfox - Fire Dancing (Cincinnati, OH)

DaShane Starfox – Fire Dancing (Cincinnati, OH)

DaShane Starfox - DaShane has performed at almost all of the Yellow Cabarets and is an amazing performer. He is back once again to fire dance for you and he might even back somebody up with drumming at some point too.


Unicorn – Aerial Arts – Dayton

Unicorn - Unicorn will have you looking to the sky as you watch her work the silks and other amazing aerial feats of daring do and athleticism! And this time she has brought a friend

Kelsey Jean

Kelsey Jean – Hoops – Dayton, OH

Kelsey Jean – Aerial hoop (Lyre) and Hula Hoop!

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral – NYC

DJ V-Ral – Once again DJ V-Ral will be joining us to end out the night with amazing tunes that get you dancing and make them growl!

Red Caravan Henna

Red Caravan Henna

Red Caravan Henna – Amazing henna artists who are often sighted at the Ohio Ren Faire.


Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations - Handmade jewelry inspired by history, and fantasy. I specialize in Steampunk and Celtic designs as well as ancient symbolism and modern geekery.

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night – Strange & wonderful plushies, books, crafts and all manner of artifacts!

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire - Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets in Victorian Steampunk style.

Rose & Gear

Rose & Gear

Rose & Gear - Amazing steampunk artwork, clothing, jewelry and other bits!

Bree Orlock Deisgns

Bree Orlock Designs

Bree Orlock Designs - Jewelry, art prints, curiosities, books, cards & more

Dark Crescent

Dark Crescent Studio

Dark Crescent Studio –  Dark Crescent Studio is a one-woman shop specializing in fantasy and pagan artwork and designs. Within the shops or stands you will find fantastic designs in wood, glass, and canvas, clay and more. Each individual piece is one of a kind and handcrafted so no two paintings, glasses, or dragons are alike!

Lisa BunnyBird

Lisa BunnyBird

Lisa BunnyBird -All types of crafts, paintings, robots, dinosaurs and wonderful stuff!

Squid Pro Quo

Squid Pro Quo

Squid Pro Quo - At my store you will find an assortment of wacky stuffed animals, geeky jewelry, paintings, clothing, and other goodies!

Starlight Masks

Starlight Masks

Starlight Masks - Handmade Masks and Accessories for your favorite character! I made masks and accessories for live action role play, steampunk, cyberpunk, cosplay, Mardi-Gras, Halloween and any other occasion that you can imagine.

Lissa Lush

Lissa Lush

Lissa Lush -

Creative Creations

Creative Creations

Creative Creations
- I repurposed old glasswear by using ink alcohol and setting it on fire. I also make artistic pieces of jewelery.

Marianne C. Jackson

Marianne C. Jackson

Marianne C. Jackson  - Select dresses, skirts, blouses, petticoats, men’s shirts, slacks, shoes & other items. 

Kitty Crafts - Kitty crafts and I sell clay figures, terrarium scenes, and bone pretties with a few side projects thrown in

Beyond Plunderdome -

Whimsically Obsessed -

Purple Squirrel Studios -

Book of Holding -




The Wicked Wich of Dayton

The Wicked Wich of Dayton

The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton –  The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton ranges from fresh, made to order eclectic combinations to basic build-your-own sandwiches brought to the streets of Dayton. We offer food different from your normal routine; combinations of sweet and salty on delicious homemade bread, along with a variety of options for vegetarians.




Drinks! – The Old Yellow Cab will have a drink license for the weekend so no carry in is allowed. However there will be drinks available for a reasonable price, $3-5!

Local Craft Beer:
Yuengling (Not local craft but the cheaper option)
Toxic Brew
Warped Wing
Yellow Springs Brewery

Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon

Mixed Drinks:
Simply Ernest (Vodka, Cranberry, Lime)
Captain’s Wench (Spiced Rum, Cranberry, Orange Juice)

Water – $1 bottle
Soda – Variety