Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IX – Steampunk Spectacular

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IX – Steampunk Spectacular

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IX – Steampunk Spectacular

A Festive Event with a Steampunk Flair!

When: Saturday, September 24th! Doors open at 7 PM with Entertainment until 2AM

Where: The “Old” Yellow Cab Building (700 E. 4th Street Dayton, OH 45402)

Why: Because Dayton needs another fun evening of art, music and mayhem!

What: An event featuring many types of performance & static art!Basics
Bands: Vourteque, Automaton
Circus / Sideshow: Blue Moon Circus
Fire Dancing: Sunova Starshine, Gabriel Alexander Ford
Burlesque: Bombfox Sasha
Draglesque: Miss Stixen Stones
Ariel Arts: Amanda Hanisch
DJ / Dancing: DJ V-Ral
Others TBA!

Vendors: Sylvan Creations, Sew Late at Night, Free Pirates for Hire, Rose & Gear, Bree Orlock Designs, Occasionally Chic, Raa Love,  Whimsically Obsessed, MLady’s Coutorier, Tory, Lisa BunnyBird, Dark Crescent Studio, Squid Pro Quo & More!

Food & Drinks:  The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton‘Cest CheeseFlying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy, Amethyst Butterfly, Mixed Drinks, Wine, Local Craft Beers

How Much: $15 in Advance / $20 at the Door! (Processing fee is covered by Airship Passepartout)



Vourteque – Chicago

Vourteque - Electro-Swing / Steampunk DJ Vourteque returns to Yellow Cabaret for the first time since 2014! He will make you dance, rave, flirt and feel oh so SEXY! .


Automaton – Cincinnati

Automaton - The original Steampunk metal band joining us once again! Blending together the best aspects of metal and steampunk to bring you a headbanging experience that will knock your tophat off!.

Blue Moon Circus

Blue Moon Circus – Louisville

Blue Moon Circus - Retuning for their fourth time to Dayton Blue Moon Circus will thrill you with all manner of circus and sideshow daring do! Juggling, Unicycling. Fire Dancing, Knives, A giant hotdog costume, eating fire while belly dancing on broken glass…plus who knows what else they’ve come up with this time!

Sunova Starshine - Cincinnati

Sunova Starshine – Cincinnati

Sunova Starshine - Sunova is returning to our fair city again to spin fire for your amazed eyes! An entertainer many talents, this tiem she will focus on flame.

Gabriel Alexander Ford

Gabriel Alexander Ford – Cincinnati

Gabriel Alexander Ford - Spinning fire which shows off his skills with nunchucks, you have never seen anyone spin fire quite like Gabriel

Amanda Hanisch

Amanda Hanisch – Dayton

Amanda Hanisch - Amanda will have you looking to the sky as you watch her work the silks and other amazing ariel feats of daring do and athleticism!

Miss Stixen Stones

Miss Stixen Stones – Cincinnati

Miss Stixen Stones - Returning to Yellow Cabaret for a third time Miss Stixen Stones will amaze you with her style, grace & talent!

Bombfox Sasha

Bombfox Sasha – Indianapolis

Bombfox Sasha – Since starting burlesque in December, Bombfox Sasha has become a sensation in the Sex Kitten Purr-lesque in Columbus, Ohio. She is mostly known for her metal and bloody numbers all the way to her steampunk and pirate way of life! 

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral – NYC

DJ V-Ral - Once again DJ V-Ral will be joining us to end out the night with amazing tunes that get you dancing and make him growl!



Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night – Strange & wonderful plushies, books, crafts and all manner of artifacts!

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire - Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets in Victorian Steampunk style.

Bree Orlock Deisgns

Bree Orlock Deisgns

Bree Orlock Designs - Jewelry, art prints, curiosities, books, cards & more.



Raa Love

RaaLove - Raalove is a shop created by Ashley Lane and supported by Rob Lane, oringally an idea to raise money for the adoption of their first child, it has now become a sensation of scents and products. Raalove creates Child safe and geek themed soaps, baby items and more.

Rose & Gear

Rose & Gear

Rose & Gear - Amazing steampunk artwork, clothing, jewelry and other bits!

Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations - Handmade jewelry inspired by history, and fantasy. I specialize in Steampunk and Celtic designs as well as ancient symbolism and modern geekery.

Occasionally Chic -

Whimsically Obsessed -

Dark Crescent

Dark Crescent Studio –  Dark Crescent Studio is a one-woman shop specializing in fantasy and pagan artwork and designs. Within the shops or stands you will find fantastic designs in wood, glass, and canvas, clay and more. Each individual piece is one of a kind and handcrafted so no two paintings, glasses, or dragons are alike!


Squid Pro Quo – At my store you will find an assortment of wacky stuffed animals, geeky jewelry, paintings, clothing, and other goodies! 

MLady’s Coutorier -


Wicked 'Wich of Dayton

Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton

The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton –  The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton ranges from fresh, made to order eclectic combinations to basic build-your-own sandwiches brought to the streets of Dayton. We offer food different from your normal routine; combinations of sweet and salty on delicious homemade bread, along with a variety of options for vegetarians.

'Cest Cheese

‘Cest Cheese

Cest Cheese - ‘Cest Cheese creates amazing gourmet cheese sandwiches! .

The Flying Santucci Brothers Cotton Candy

The Flying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy

The Flying Santucci Brothers  Gourmet Cotton Candy - Flying Santucci Bros. is a local business that makes cotton candy with all natural flavor oil, and organic sugar for our unique and delicious flavors!


Amethyst Butterfly

Amethyst Butterfly

Amethyst Butterfly - a New vendor in Dayton that specializes in desserts. We have geek and steampunk themed cupcakes and cookies, premiering at Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IX



Drinks! – The Old Yellow Cab will have a drink license for the weekend so no carry in is allowed. However there will be drinks available for a reasonable price, $3-5!

Local Craft Beer:
Yuengling (Not local craft but the cheaper option)
Toxic Brew
Warped Wing
Yellow Springs Brewery

Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon

Mixed Drinks:
Simply Ernest (Vodka, Cranberry, Lime)
Captain’s Wench (Spiced Rum, Cranberry, Orange Juice)

Water – $1 bottle
Soda – Variety