Airship Passepartout History

Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski and Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom met by chance in Istanbul many years ago.  They helped each other out of a difficult position, and no one was harmed or arrested.  Well, not much. Determining that this was a partnership to be encouraged, Sir Ernest and Dr. Peaseblossom combined his diplomacy skills and her botany wizardry. Selling one of her botanical creations, a [redacted for National Security reasons] to the French led to a very grateful government granting them a decommissioned Dreadnaught-class airship and perpetual French registration for it.

They named it the Airship Passepartout (pronounced “Pass-par-too”) and refitted it as a passenger vessel – with a laboratory for Dr. Gintia. Not to mention a large and well-equipped bar and Lido Deck for the Passepartout’s Mixologist/Goodwill Ambassador/Hospitality Director, Calamity Dawn, to preside over. Though it floats about the world transporting passengers to their desired destinations, the Passepartout generally returns to moor in Dayton, Ohio, USA; in part so that crew can more readily visit with friends and family.

The Airship Passepartout has collected a fine assortment of crewmembers, passengers, and “frequent floaters” (those with other affiliations who frequently join us), and has the great good fortune to frequently dock with many other splendid airships, and to take advantage of port licenses at several lovely facilities. In between jaunts around the world, the Airship Passepartout frequently boards its crew and passengers for quick trips to neighboring cities such as Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, and Indianapolis.  The Passepartout also hosts a variety of indoor activities and outings in the Dayton area.

Some of the Past Passepartout Events (Planned and Hosted by the Airship Passepartout):

January 2015 - A few members of the airship journeyed down to Cincinnati for their monthly salon!

December 2014 - Sir Ernest & Dr Gintia had their annual Yule Caroling party!

November 2014 – A few members of the airship headed to Madison, WI to attend TeslaCon and to host the semi-official Friday night party! Plus we hosted our third 8 hour event: Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III

October 2014 – A very small group of us toured several Victorian homes in Dayton that were decorated for Halloween!

September 2014 – Dr. Gintia hosted her first At-Home in almost a year! We also had a small group attend the Time Traveller’s Ball in Cincinnati! Plus we had our 8th bi-annual Steampunk Stroll  through the Oregon District in Dayton and our Madison, WI surprised us by showing up!

August 2014 – The second Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret, even better than the first! Plus we play tested a great game Grisliegh End

July 2014 – Dr. Gintia held a corset making workshop led by the amazing Jessica of Tyes that Bynde. Later in the month several members of the crew travelled to Loveland Castle for the MidSummer’s Masquerade!

June 2014 – Bi-Monthly Steampunk Salon in Dayton

May 2014 – We had our 7th bi-annual Steampunk Stroll through the Oregon District in Downtown Dayton plus Our first major event: the First Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret! In addition some of the airship ventured up North to Dearborn, Mi to attend Steamtopia in addition to heading to Columbus for the Pirates Promenade!

April 2014 - We journeyed to the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium and won the con for the second time in three years! We also hosted a major party on Friday evening!

March 2014 – The month started with a caravan to the Cincinnati Voodoo Carnival. We also had a photoshoot with the amazing Trevor Good: Photos from Photoshoot followed by our bi-monthly salon!

February 2014 – We had a hat & mask making workshop in preparation for the upcoming Voodoo carnival!

January 2014 - Airship Passepartout Bi-Monthly Salon

December 2013 - We Joined the Clan of Teks to see “Around the World in 80 Days

November 2013 - Mixology 101 Lab at Calamity Labs

October 2013 - While not a totally Steampunk Con, we traveled to Pandoracon 2013

September 2013 - 6th Semi-Annual Steampunk Stroll Fall 2013 at Dayton’s Urban Nights, we also journeyed to the park to see Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

August 2013 – The Cincinnati League of Steam Salon – August 2013 and a delightful Persona Workshop, Who Are You?

July 2013 - We traveled to The Cincinnati League of Steam’s MidSummer Madquerade 2013 and went to see the Princess Bride at the Victoria Theatre

June 2013 - Celebrating Steampunk Day at 2nd & Charles, Dr Gintia’s At-Home – Dr. Gintia was at home to callers, with tea and genteel conversation, plus Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire

May 2013 – 5th Semi-Annual Steampunk Stroll at Dayton’s Urban Nights

April 2013 – After attending the Symposium, a charitable Free Shakespeare! reading of Love’s Labour’s Lost, The Cincinnati League of Steam Monthly Salon

March 2013Symposium Strategy Session & Fun – planning for the upcoming Steampunk Empire Symposium, defending our trophy

February 2013Victorian Parlor & Indoor Games – an evening of pleasure and authentic games at the Primary Docking Facility

January 2013Dr Gintia’s At-Home – Dr. Gintia was at home to callers, with tea and genteel conversation

October 2012 – Mixology 101 lesson and Party at the Secondary Docking Facility of Calamity Dawn

September 2012 – the 4th  Semi-Annual Steampunk Stroll at Dayton’s Urban Nights

August 2012 – Project night on the grounds of the Shakertown Tertiary Docking Facility, complete with long-distance appearance of The Human Locomotive

July 2012 – Afternoon picnic and photo op on the grounds of the Shakertown Tertiary Docking Facility

June 2012potluck dinner and photo op on the grounds of the Shakertown Tertiary Docking Facility

Earlier activities included picnics, teas, outings to films and the Air Force Aerodrome, various conventions, and of course the semi-annual Steampunk Stroll beginning in Spring 2011.