Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III – November Recap

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III – November Recap

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III – November Recap

The third and final Ye Old Yellow Cabaret of 2014 is now in the past and was by all accounts the best one yet! Overall we had close to 200 people at the event, which lasted eight hours. So many talented people put a lot of time and effort to make it such as success and I’d like to thank them all for all they have done! We had been a bit worried that having an event on November 22nd with a food truck and some outdoor performers would be a mistake, but once again the weather was kind to us and everything worked out great.

Yellow Cab  / Entry / Vendors

The doors opened at 6PM and guests were greeted by members of Airship Passepartout including: Kitty Kim, Ivy, Gintia, Tammy, Ray, Mike, Sabrina. This time two of our artists displayed in the front room: Kitty Kim & Tam Cline Mitcham…in addition Loren Muzzy set up his tarot card space on a nearby couch.

- Photo set of Passengers & Vendors

Airship Passepartout Members Working the Door

Airship Passepartout Members Working the Door

Once inside guests we greeted by the Yellow Cab bar serving three local draft brews, two types of wine and three mixed drink choices, two of which are Airship Passepartout standards (the Deadly Ernest & The Captain’s Wench). Drinks were served by the delightful owners / volunteers of Yellow Cab: Mark, Tara & Erin. In addition local food truck Hunger Paynes once again served up tasty meals of croquettes & other specialties. Also Jeff Opt ran the sound throughout the evening!

Yellow Cab

Tara & Erin of Yellow Cab

In the vendor room space became tight, but everybody worked together and made sure there was space for all who wanted it. The variety of vendors was excellent and their wares were outstanding. Included this time were: Mayham Market, Jacobee Rose Buchanan Designs, Free Pirates for Hire, Sylvan Creations, Studio de Sade, Whimsically Obsessed, Alexandra’s Adornments, Olivander’s Wands, Henna by Zattana, Artwork by Kathryn Hinton, plus entertainers The Rough Customers, Curse of Cassandra, Ford Theatre Reunion, Blue Moon Circus & The Tinderbox Circus Sideshow all had wares for sale!

Vendor Room Yellow Cabaret

Vendor Room Yellow Cabaret III

The Rough Customers

First up was The Rough Customers from Lexington, KY who got the crowd moving with their energetic ska!

- Photo set of The Rough Customers

The Rough Customers

The Rough Customers – Ska from Lexington, KY

Blue Moon Circus

A short while later one of the garage bays was opened and the crowds focus shifted to the Blue Moon Circus their five delightful performers showing their skills at fire breathing, hooping, unicycling, juggling, fire / belly dancing and more!

- Photo set of Blue Moon Circus

Blue Moon Circus

Blue Moon Circus – Louisville, KY

Skye Amos Wolf

Skye Amos Wolf was next up beckoning the crowd outside to form a circle around her as she began to light up the night with her fire dancing skills.

- Photoset of Skye Amos Wolf

Skye Amos Wolf

Skye Amos Wolf – Fire Dancer Yellow Springs, OH

Troupe Roja

Once the door was closed many guests were intrigued with the amazing set up in front of the stage. Soon they saw Troupe Roja perform their amazing steampunk Frankenstien bellydance routine that lasted about 20 minutes followed up by an audience participation number.

- Photoset of Troupe Roja


Troupe Roja – Bellydance Dayton, OH

Curtse of Cassandra

With the lights dimmed Curse of Cassandra took the stage with their lovely goth / electronica set that got the crowd dancing

- Photoset of Curse of Cassandra

Curse of Cassandra

Curse of Cassandra – Goth / Electronia Dayton, OH

A short intermission of electro swing music kept the crowd dancing and wondering what was next up.

Miss Stixen Stones

They soon had their answer when Miss Stixen Stones took the stage and possessed everyone’s attention with an outstanding drag burlesque performance

- Photoset of Miss Stixen Stones

Stixen Stones

Miss Stixen Stones – Cincinnati, OH

DaShane Starfox

To cool things down temporarily the guests once again headed outside to watch DaShane Starfox spin fire in many magical ways including the extra special finale with sparks lighting up the sky like thousands of fireflies

- Photoset of DaShane Starfox

DaShane Starfox

DaShane Starfox – Fire Dancer Cincinnati, OH

Miss Stixin Stones then retook the stage for a second number

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow

After a short interlude Tinderbox Circus Sideshow took to the stage with a great three person performance of knives and hands. This turned into 20 minutes of all manner of sideshow entertainment, including a delightful double fan burlesque number by the lovely Trashique Tinderbox

- Photoset of Tinderbox Circus Sideshow

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow – Lexington, KY

Ford Theatre Reunion

Finally the headliners Ford Theatre Reunion from Lexington took the stage to play their unique style of circus punk featuring songs off their upcoming release!

- Photoset of Ford Theatre Reunion

Ford Theatre Reunion

Ford Theatre Reunion – Circus Punk Lexington, KY

DJ V-Ral

To end off the evening DJ V-Ral played an enegetic set of goth / electroswing / electronica

- Photoset of DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral – Columbus, OH

In addition we had the fabulous Joe Mays of Alien Twilight Photography there to cover the whole event! You can see his amazing photography in the above photoset links.

This was easily the biggest and best Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret yet. But we are now working on our next shows for 2015 including one show featuring an internationally touring act and other with a full pirate theme!

Watch for dates and more information on  the Airship Passepartout website and Airship Passepartout Facebook page!