Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret VIII

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret VIII

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret VIII – Fairies, Pixies, Gypsies & Friends

A Festive Event with a Steampunk Flair!

When: Saturday, June 4th! Doors open at 6:30 PM with Entertainment until 2AM

Where: The “Old” Yellow Cab Building (700 E. 4th Street Dayton, OH 45402)

Why: Because Dayton needs another fun evening of art, music and mayhem!

What: An event featuring many types of art!Basics
Bands: Curse of Cassandra, Mayan Ruins
Circus / Sideshow: Cirque de la Lune
Belly Dancing: Troupe Roja
Troupe Hëxa
Fire Dancing: Skye Amos Wolf
Hopping / Lyre Hoop: Kelsey Jean
DJ / Dancing: DJ V-Ral
Tarot Card Readings: The Arcane Advisor
Henna: Zattana
Others TBA!

Vendors:  Sew Late at NightFree Pirates for HireBree Orlock DesignsLisa BunnyBird, RaaLove, Starlight Masks,  Grandma’s Bane Crafts, Dark Crescent Studio, Occasionally Chic, Jade Smith, Glen Helen Steampunk Society, Rose & Gear, Others TBA

Food & Drinks:  The Wicked ‘Wich, Flying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy, Mixed Drinks, Wine, Local Craft Beers

How Much: $15 in Advance / $20 at the Door! (Processing fee is covered by Airship Passepartout)


Curse of Cassandra

Curse of Cassandra – Columbus

Curse of Cassandra - Electro-witch-dance duo from Ohio. Oneiric dance beats mix with haunting vocals to create trance-like states of euphoria. Electra Complex–Vocals. Asher Black – Keyboards, Vocals & Songwriter.

Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins – Cincinnati

Mayan Ruins – Our sound incorporates yet is never limited to: African, Middle Eastern, and American tribal rhythms, various types of acoustic strings, bass and electric guitars, woodwinds and brass, as well as Tibetan and indigenous style chants that blend together into a sound we like to call psychedelic tribal music.

Cirque de la Lune - Cincinnati

Cirque de la Lune – Cincinnati

Cirque de la Lune - Cirque de la Lune is Cincinnati’s newest entertainment troupe. Belly dancers, burlesque, cirque and fire they have the magic that your eyes desire. Performing adult feats of danger with acrobatics, dance and comedy. Cirque de la Lune will give you what you want but it’s not what it outta be.

Troupe Roja

Troupe Roja Bellydance – Dayton

Troupe Roja - Roja is a cutting-edge, multi-award-winning Middle Eastern dance troupe from Dayton, OH. Although their primary style is American cabaret/Vintage Oriental belly dance, they also specialize in prop-work (sword, fanveils, Isis wings, zills, etc) and other styles like folkloric, Dunyavi Gypsy, and theatrical fusion.

Troupe Hexa Burlesque

Troupe Hexa Burlesque – Dayton

Troupe Hëxa - Dayton’s real life witches, we are here to enchant and provoke you. We are here to leave an imprint in your mind of magic you didn’t think was there. Hëxa is here to weave you a story with glitter-laden nipples, gyrating hips, and the most titillating innuendos. With a taste for the unique, the strange, and the unusual, we blend burlesque, dance, and concept and transform it into the most sensual and powerful, and gloriously inappropriate performance art you will ever see!

Skye Amos Wolf - Yellow Springs

Skye Amos Wolf – Yellow Springs

Skye Amos Wolf - Skye Amos Wolf of Yellow Spring, Ohio specializes in fire spinning with poi, hoop, fans, double staff, fleshing and a little eating. She performed at the Second & Third Yellow Cabaret!

Kelsey Jean

Kelsey Jean – Cincinnati

Kelsey Jean – Aerial hoop (Lyre) and Hula Hoop!  

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral – Columbus

DJ V-Ral – Once again DJ V-Ral will be joining us to end out the night with amazing tunes that get you dancing and make him growl!

The Arcane Advisor – The Arcane Advisor combines Fortune Telling with Divination, practical advice, and a dapper style typically keeping in Victorian theme.

Zattana Henna

Henna by Zattana – Dayton

Henna by Zattana - If you were at Yellow Cabaret III or IV then you either had henna done or saw people with henna. This is where you want to go to get yours!


Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night – Strange & wonderful plushies, books, crafts and all manner of artifacts!

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire

Free Pirates for Hire - Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets in Victorian Steampunk style.

Bree Orlock Designs

Bree Orlock Designs

Bree Orlock Designs - Jewelry, art prints, curiosities, books, cards & more.

Lisa BunnyBird – Many special creations!



RaaLove - I’m a painter and crafter who is currently selling my creations to raise money for my husband and I to adopt. I paint for the fun of it, and every painting has a piece of my personality with it. My favorite things to paint are monochrome scenery, fantasy, and space scenes. I will also have free trade sari silk bracelets for sale.

Starlight Masks

Starlight Masks

Starlight Masks - Handmade Masks and Accessories for your favorite character! I made masks and accessories for live action role play, steampunk, cyberpunk, cosplay, Mardi-Gras, Halloween and any other occasion that you can imagine.

Grandma's Bane Crafts

Grandma’s Bane Crafts

Grandma’s Bane Crafts - Not your grandma’s crafts. Grandma’s Bane Crafts sells a variety of decor, alternative jewelry, and random bits and bobs. All items are handcrafted and unique. Our items add a touch of whimsy to everyday life.

Dark Crescent

Dark Crescent Studio –  Dark Crescent Studio is a one-woman shop specializing in fantasy and pagan artwork and designs. Within the shops or stands you will find fantastic designs in wood, glass, and canvas, clay and more. Each individual piece is one of a kind and handcrafted so no two paintings, glasses, or dragons are alike!




Wicked 'Wich of Dayton

Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton

Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton – The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton ranges from fresh, made to order eclectic combinations to basic build-your-own sandwiches brought to the streets of Dayton. We offer food different from your normal routine; combinations of sweet and salty on delicious homemade bread, along with a variety of options for vegetarians.

The Flying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy

The Flying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy

The Flying Santucci Brothers  Gourmet Cotton Candy - Flying Santucci Bros. is a local business that makes cotton candy with all natural flavor oil, and organic sugar for our unique and delicious flavors!



Drinks! – The Old Yellow Cab will have a drink license for the weekend so no carry in is allowed. However there will be drinks available for a reasonable price, $3-5!

Local Craft Beer:
Yuengling (Not local craft but the cheaper option)
Toxic Brew
Warped Wing
Yellow Springs Brewery

Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon

Mixed Drinks:
Simply Ernest (Vodka, Cranberry, Lime)
Captain’s Wench (Spiced Rum, Cranberry, Orange Juice)

Water – $1 bottle
Soda – Variety