Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IV – There Be Pirates! (3/28/15)

Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IV – There Be Pirates! (3/28/15)

Ye Olde YellowCabaret – There Be Pirates

A Festive Event with a Steampunk Flair!

When: Saturday, March 28th! Doors open at 6PM with Entertainment until 1AM

Where: The “Old” Yellow Cab Building (700 E. 4th Street Dayton, OH 45402)

Why: Because Dayton needs another fun evening of art, music and mayhem!

What: An event featuring many types of art!Basics

Bands: Drunk & Sailor, Band of Pirates
Circus / Sideshow: Blue Moon Circus
Bellydancing:  Troupe Roja
Fire Dancing: Sunova StarshineJimi Black
Burlesque: Schatzi Lord
DJ / Dancing: DJ V-Ral
Tarot Cards: Loren Muzzy
Henna: Zattana
Vendors:  Sylvan CreationsMayham MarketFree Pirates for Hire, Glasgow Wizard WandsStudio de SadeSew Late at Night, Pandora Promotions, Marianne C. Jackson, Tam MitchamUnder the Eaves- Fine Art and ArtifactsCultist Crafts, Purple Dragon Creations, Bree Orlock Designs
Food & Drinks:  Flour Power Wood Fired Pizza & Mixed Drinks, Wine, Local Craft Beers

How Much: $10 in Advance / $15 at the Door! (There is a small processing fee for each ticket, about $1.50)



Drunk & Sailor – Louisville, KY

Drunk & Sailor - Phillip McGuinness and Captain Amos met in 2005 as cast members of the Kentucky Renaissance Faire. After a couple years of doing improv acting together, they started appropriating unused stages with a guitar and a will to entertain. They have since been seen at renaissance festivals from the Gulf Coast to Lake Michigan, sci-fi/fan conventions including DragonCon, and more bars than they can remember (though that may have more to do with the alcohol than the number of bars).

Wherever they take place, Drunk & Sailor shows feature the same highly interactive format. (Un)lucky audience members often find themselves dragged onstage to become crew members!

Band of Pirates

Band of Pirates – Cincinnati, OH

Band of Pirates - When professional impersonation, spot on cosplay, and ribald piratical musicianship meet in one group… you have the Band of Pirates.

Blue Moon Circus

Blue Moon Circus – Louisville, KY

Blue Moon Circus - Blue Moon Circus is a collective of Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana entertainers who have come together to keep the circus sideshow arts ALIVE! We are made up of side show stunt artists, fire eaters and spinners, aerial acts, jugglers, clowns, belly dancers, contortionists, stilt walkers, and more!

Troupe Roja

Troupe Roja – Dayton, OH

Troupe Roja - Roja is a cutting-edge, multi-award-winning Middle Eastern dance troupe from Dayton, OH. Although their primary style is American cabaret/Vintage Oriental belly dance, they also specialize in prop-work (sword, fanveils, Isis wings, zills, etc) and other styles like folkloric, Dunyavi Gypsy, and theatrical fusion.

Sunova Starshine

Sunova Starshine – Firedancer Cincinnati

Sunova Starshine – Sunova Starshine is Cincinnati’s biggest triple threat combining belly dance, burlesque and fire dance to create a tantalizing experience sure to sizzle all your senses. Gracing stages across the U.S. Sunova has performed with some of the music industry’s biggest names. Come see what all the fuss is about this petite powerhouse but careful not to stand to close, things could get hot.

Jimi Black - Firespinner Dayton

Jimi Black – Firespinner Dayton

Jimi Black - Hailing from Dayton Ohio Jimi Black has been burning up stages over the midwest for the better part of four years. With a variety of props he always leaves crowds amazed as he unleashes his inner dragon and throws down with a unique blend of dance styles mixed with the fiery flow arts.

Schatzi Lord

Schatzi Lord – Burlesque Dayton, OH

Schatzi Lord – Despite my endless attempts to remain a rational thinking person, magical things excite me to no end. I find myself constantly looking for ways to bring my whimsical fantasies into real life. It’s entirely reasonable to believe in magic, I discovered. All you need is some imagination and maybe a pinch of glitter.

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral – Columbus, OH

DJ V-Ral – Once again DJ V-Ral will be joining us to end out the night with amazing tunes that get you dancing and make her growl!

Loren Muzzy

Loren Muzzy – Cincinnati

Loren Muzzy - Loren will join us again with his Tarot Card reading skills!

Zattana Henna

Henna by Zattana

Henna by Zattana – If you were at Yellow Cabaret III then you either had henna done or saw people with henna. This is where you want to go to get yours!



Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations

Sylvan Creations -  Handmade jewelery inspired by history, and fantasy. I specialize in Steampunk and Celtic designs as well as ancient symbolism and modern geekery

Mayham Market

Mayham Market

Mayham Market - Emporium of the odd. Handmade, sewn, painted, papier mâchéd and acid etched. Cute and creepy housewares and wearables, we have dolls, skulls, masks, glass, jewelry, curiosities, and novelties.

Free Pirates for Hire!

Free Pirates for Hire!

Free Pirates for Hire! – Author of Free Pirates for Hire will be selling and signing copies of his first book. He will also bring a variety of handcrafted items, such as walking sticks, scarves, and scale-maile flowers.

Olivander's Wands

Olivander’s Wands

Glasgow Wizard Wands – Picking up where HP left off. These hand crafted wands are of the highest quality and each one is unique!

Studio de Sade

Studio de Sade

Studio de Sade - Studio de Sade is six artist studio founded on the belief that art should start a conversation. Focusing on fine art illustration the studio is made up of Nigel Sade (Lead Artist and Founder), Sarah Wilkinson, Xavier Sade, Aunastasia Sade, Sin Williams and local artist Christopher Locke. Inspired by the surrealist movement and painters such as Salvador Dali, the studio’s art explores everything from what it means to be human, to ancient symbolism, to the modern world of pop culture.

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night

Sew Late at Night – Strange & wonderful plushies, books, crafts and all manner of artifacts!

Pandora Promotions

Pandora Promotions

Pandora Society - In addition to running great events such as the Steampunk Empire Symposium, The Pandora Society also deals in antiques from the aether . . . strange and curious objects and weaponry that have slipped into this world from a future that neverwas. At their table you will find a wide variety of delightfully steampunked Nerf guns, nicknacks, and not-so-shiney wonders.

Marianne C. Jackson

Marianne C. Jackson

Marianne C. Jackson - Costuming: To Alter, To Change or Create Something New. Select from Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Petticoats, Men’s Shirts & Slacks, Shoes, and a variety of other items.

Tam Mitcham

Tam Mitcham

Tam Mitcham - She describes her painting as: very emotional, somewhat intense, I want people to feel my Art, to invoke the emotion I was feeling while creating it…Most of my work is done with my fingers, I like to feel the paint infusing a little bit of my soul on the canvas.

Under the Eaves

Under the Eaves – Fine Art & Artifacts

Under the Eaves – Fine Art and Artifacts - Under The Eaves features the fine art and creative work of Kate Huser Santucci. Her current works are largely multimedia encaustic paintings and pen and ink drawings. She is fascinated by microbiology, insects, gardening, birds, bones, creepy things.

Cultist Crafts

Cultist Crafts

Cultist Crafts – I make chainmaille and leather jewelry as well as fetish, renfaire, and larp items.

Purple Dragon Creations

Purple Dragon Creations

Purple Dragon Creations – Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets in Victorian Steampunk style.

Bree Orlock Designs

Bree Orlock Designs

Bree Orlock Designs - Jewelry, art prints, curiosities, books, cards & more


Flour Power

Flour Power Wood Fired Pizza

Flour Power Pizza – Our mission is to bring gourmet wood fired pizza to the mobile market. Look for us soon on the streets of Dayton, Ohio.


Drinks! – The Old Yellow Cab will have a drink license for the weekend so no carry in is allowed. However there will be drinks available for a reasonable price, $3-5!

Local Craft Beer:
Yuengling (Not local craft but the cheaper option)
Toxic Brew
Warped Wing
Yellow Springs Brewery

Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon

Mixed Drinks:
Vodka Drink (Vodka, Cranberry, Lime)
Rum Drink (Spiced Rum, Cranberry, Orange Juice)

Water – $1 bottle
Soda - Details coming soon