Lady Mau Egyptian Musk

Lady Mau Egyptian Musk


Egyptologist and Researcher of the Ancient Mysteries – Clan of Teks

Residence: Cincinnati, OH

Bio: Lady Mau was born in Egypt in 1877. Her father was a British Archeologist and her mother an Egyptian Bast cultist who originally was assigned to distract her father’s work, but soon came to love him. Lady Mau grew up in two worlds, between Egypt and Britain, traveling with her father and mother between the British Museum and various digs all around the nile valley. Of course this could have but two possible results: A complete rejection of archeology in a teenage rebellion, or a relentless and obsessive dedication to archaeology, Egyptology and research into the deepest mysteries. Lady Mau followed the latter path.

In 1902, Lady Mau had been working on a dig for over a year, searching for artifacts in the area of the ancient Egyptian city of Per-Bast (Bubastis) in the Nile delta region. She was looking for specific artifacts relating to the Cult of Bastet, which her research had shown had the ability to let the Priestesses of Bast “walk between the world of the living, and the world of the dead”. Her original interest was purely academic, but when she found an artifact, an obsidian like statue of Bast with mirrors for eyes, she was elated. That combined with a number of new etchings and artifacts gave her enough research material to last years. Now she would certainly be able to get new funding from the British museum. During Lady Mau’s time researching Bast, she had come to an appreciation for the mysticism associated with the goddess and other archetypes representing her, but it had mainly been nothing more than an interest. Now that she had this new artifact, looking into the mirrored eyes of the statue made Lady Mau more than just interested in unlocking the mysticism. All the research from the newly found etchings though, bore no fruit. It seemed that there was something missing, something preventing the activation of the metaphysical plane referenced in the texts.

However, When The Fall occurred in 1903. . .everything changed. The meteor impacts of The Fall took most of the living from the world. Lady Mau only survived due to being underground in an artifact vault, protecting her from the shock wave that leveled most of Britain. After the dust settled, the Bast statue she had recovered was imbued with a power that she was able to control with the knowledge gained through her years of study. As it happens, the artifact was not a gateway to the land of the dead, but rather a Gateway to another world, a parallel but unequal world. The mysterious energy The Fall had brought with it, seems to be the missing element that not only makes the Bast artifact work, but it seems to do the same with many other ancient Egyptian artifacts. Lady Mau Egyptianmusk had come to, or was pushed into a new calling, to find, collect and study these powerful artifacts, and protect them from those who would abuse their power.

By 1904 Lady Mau had found another artifact related to Bast, that allows her to use some sort of clairvoyance, which enables her to transfer her mind and spirit into a Mau (Egyptian Cat). For this reason Lady Mau is rarely seen without one of her feline companions in tow. To all but her closest of confidants, these are merely pet cats, very few know the truth, that they are actually loyal familiars. Lady Mau, through exhaustive research has come to know that this kind of soul and mind transference with animals was more common back in ancient Egypt because some of the Egyptian priests and priestesses had found their own small meteorites, presumably that had fallen to Earth before recorded time, that gave them the same Aetheric energy they needed to achieve great metaphysical feats. Over time the energy from those small meteorites had faded, and so did the power of the Egyptian priests.

In 1906 Lady Mau was on another dig, searching for an artifact that, through the new metaphysical energy found in the post fall world, should be able to help lift very heavy objects with ease. Before she could find the rod though, she was startled to hear a ruckus going on outside the buried temple. She transferred to her cat’s body to investigate and found a very large dirigible emerging and crackling through some kind of portal in the sky. She came to know this Dirigible as the Airship Passpartout, which was convenient, as she needed a ride back to England to do more research. The only problem was, the Airship Passpartout was not familiar with the Aetheric energy hot zones and safe flying routes in our world. They eventually ended up in the Americas, which led her, and Airship Passpartout, to the Clan of Teks. After an agreeable visit with the Clan, The Airship Passpartout went on their way to attempt to get back to their world, leaving Lady Mau, at her own request, to stay and study with the newly formed Tek University, hopefully to find new insight into the metaphysical sciences.

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