Caelyn Nagle

Caelyn Nagle


Position: Technology Scout and Recruitment Agent – Clan of Teks

Residence: Cincinnati, OH
Bio: CaelynTek was born “Caelyn Nagle” in 1871 amidst the great Chicago Fire. His parents were lost to the fire yet he survived. Wrapped in a wet soggy blanket he was found by his grandparents in the rubble and ruin of his parent’s flat. Despite the loss of his parents, he had a happy and full childhood raised by his grandparents and living through the rebuilding and development of post-fire Chicago. As he matured he earned a wage as an apprentice in his grandfather’s cannery. Life was good for Caelyn as a working teenager and then a man of moderate means. In 1893 the World’s Columbian Exposition came to Chicago and at the age of 21, Caelyn was eager to attend. At the fair he had his first “Hamburger”, rode the fantastic wheel invented by George Ferris and tried Thomas Edison’s Kinetiscope he had read so much about. The fairgrounds were so brightly lit, it was as if he were in another world; the fantastic sights, sounds, smells of the fair were an inspiration to him. He knew what he wanted: to learn the science and technology of electricity.

He spent the next years saving as much money as he could, applying for apprenticeships and even applying to the recently founded University of Chicago in Hyde Park. For all his trying though, he couldn’t find proper instruction in the electronic sciences, so he decided to go it alone. Spending time at the library, sending off for journals and studying the best he could, while still working at his grandfather’s cannery. By 1903, at the age of 31, 10 years after his decision to pursue the science of electricity, his dreams still had not been realized to his own satisfaction. While it is true that he had learned enough to light his grandfather’s factory and improve much of its machines, he wanted more. Then the “Fall” occurred.

In 1903, a hail of meteors were seen by astronomers to be heading directly for the Earth. There was not enough time to warn anyone, or any hope to find cover. It was only pure luck that saved Caelyn from his second tragic catastrophe. It was unclear in the beginning if this catastrophe was world wide, though the level of destruction made it seem certain that it was. The skies over Chicago went dark for months, only a pale glow from the Sun could be seen, and then only if one was far enough from the impact zones and fires. The dead weren’t even given proper burials. Survivors immediately took to fighting over the remnants of the city, and if you couldn’t defend yourself, you couldn’t survive.

CaelynTek found himself alone, his grandparents were gone, as were everyone he had ever known. Chicago, the city he loved was laid waste, a giant crater lay where the world’s fair once was. He spent several months living in the locked basement warehouse of his grandfather’s ruined cannery. He was lucky enough to have a full stock of canned food, that which had been ready to ship the day after the Fall happened. When he could, Caelyn would take cans of food to those most in need, while fighting off those whose morality had fallen with the city’s hopes. He knew that he had to get out of the Chicago area; perhaps he could find a place where there was still green, where he could see the sun again. He managed to find a compass, a large waterproof canvas , and a few other supplies, then he filled a satchel with as much canned food as he could carry and set out towards the East Coast, with only his compass to guide him.

Nearly a week later, after exhausting days and mostly sleepless nights, he came to a small city, though not the city he was expecting. Some survivors he met at the remains of a farm along the way told him he was approaching Cincinnati. In great surprise he quickly looked at his compass to check his bearing, and found it showed he had been traveling due East since rounding the bottom of Lake Michigan. Yet here he was, South East of Chicago. Through his study of electronics he knew the prospects of magnetism. It seems that compasses must be pointing towards something else, something other than the North pole.

As he came closer to the city proper he found the city in chaos. Surely more had survived the fall here than in Chicago, but the violence of those who had lost their way was beyond belief. He barely escaped with his life and possessions intact. For the first time he was forced to kill another human being, striking an attacker with a large brick from a ruined building. He escaped towards what he thought must be North.

After a storm filled night sleeping under his canvass, he was awoken by the sound of horses galloping past in the woods. They too seemed to be heading North so he took a chance and followed their trail. He soon came to a walled encampment, and after much yelling and gnashing of teeth, he got an answer from the gate’s guards, this was the home of the “Clan of Tek”, apparently formed after the fall by a group of scientists and their families and neighbors. After some heated discussion he was able to gain an audience with the clan council. What followed was the beginning of Caelyn’s long dreamed apprenticeship, though not in merely electronic science, but in all things Tek.

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