Airship Passepartout Symposium Prep – 3/29/14

Airship Passepartout Symposium Prep – 3/29/14

Airship Passepartout Symposium Prep

It is almost time for the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium and Airship Passepartout must be at the ready to do battle with the other airships of the realm. As the champions of the First Symposium we need to try and reclaim the title which we lost last year.

At this meeting we will figure out who will compete for the airship in each competition, put the final touches on our room party and do a basic rundown about the Symposium for all of our members. If you plan on being involved with our airship for the event please try to maker this meeting. We will try to skype those who are out of town.

Partial Itinerary:
- Tea Party.
- Room Party.
- Panels on which Airship Passepartout members will be speaking
- Airship Games
- Airship Race
- Lightsaber Cricket
- Space Bocce Balls
- Nerf Dueling
- Penny Farthing Pod Races
- Tea Dueling
- (There may be additional competitions)

- Curiosities Exhibit
- Original Steampunk Sidearms
- Modified Steampunk Sidearms (NERF, etc.)
(Note: Sidearms only please. No rifles or BFGs will be accepted this year.)
- Wearable Steampunk: Goggles, bracers, smaller bustles and corsets, etc.
- Steampunk Toys: tops, dolls, miniature furniture, toy cars, etc.
- Functional Steampunk: iPod speakers, cell phone cases, tea kettles, clocks, anything that has a use beyond                looking cool. Bonus if it actually works.
- Items of Tiny Unknown Origins: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above and fit within our breadbasket rule.

Please take a look at the games and the curiosities categories. If you are interested in representing us in one or more of these please let Sir Ernest know and we will decide on who will represent us at the planning meeting!

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