The Steampunk Empire Symposium (4/25/14)

The Steampunk Empire Symposium (4/25/14)

Airship Passepartout will be attending the Steampunk Empire Symposium for the third year! Our first year we were victorious and were named the winner of the airship games! However, in 2013 we were defeated by the Dastardly Alliance from Michigan. This year we must fight back and try to regain the trophy! Several members  of Airship Passepartout will be involved with a variety of aspects at the Symposium other than just participating in the games. Please try to support your fellow Crew Members and Frequent Floaters as much as possible. We will also be hosting several events and contests during the con as well.

Official Airship Passepartout Events at the Con:


11PM-5AM – Airship Passepartout Room Party!

1AM - Airship Passepartout Men’s Legs Competition!

1:30AM - Airship Passepartout Women’s Mustache Competition!


2:00PM – Airship Passepartout 5K Run/Walk & Core Workout!



4PM  - Jedi vs. Borg – Cornin Orr

9PM – Mixology: Rum – Calamity Labs

10PM – Victorian Erotica – Sir Ernest, Dr. GintiaCalamity Dawn


10AM – Steampunk Music 101 – Sir Ernest

8PM – Mixology 101 - Calamity Labs

11PM – Mixology 210 - Calamity Labs

Staff :

Sir Ernest – Party Coordinator, Band Liason

Dr. Gintia – Patron Reception Hostess

Calamity Dawn – Curiosities Exhibit Co-ordinater

Cornin Orr – Security Team

Airship Games:

Official Rules

- Space Bocce Balls – Friday 8pm
- Penny Farthing Pod Races – Saturday 10am
- Nerf Dueling - Saturday 11am
- Tea Dueling - Saturday 2pm
- Lightsaber Cricket - Saturday 4:30pm
- Airship Race - Sunday 11am
- Costume Contest (?)
- Mustache Contest (?)

Curiosities Exhibit:

Official Rules

- Original Steampunk Sidearms

- Modified Steampunk Sidearms (spectre and 2 recons – James Joens)
(Note: Sidearms only please. No rifles or BFGs will be accepted this year.)

- Wearable Steampunk: Goggles, bracers, smaller bustles and corsets, etc.

- Steampunk Toys: tops, dolls, miniature furniture, toy cars, etc.

- Functional Steampunk: iPod speakers, cell phone cases, tea kettles, clocks, anything that has a use beyond looking cool. Bonus if it actually works.

- Items of Tiny Unknown Origins: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above and fit within our breadbasket rule.

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