Airship Passepartout Photo Shoot! – 3/16/14

Airship Passepartout Photo Shoot! – 3/16/14

Airship Passepartout Photo Shoot!

We have been invited to participate in a photoshoot by local photographer, Trevor Good, who is trying to make his name in the cosplay / steampunk realm and would like to take photos of our group. Location will be decided based on the level of interest, but it will be either downtown Dayton or South of Dayton.

This event will be limited to 15 participants due to time constraints. We will be setting up a second date due to the tremendous interest.

What you Need:

- Please wear your most awesomest outfit
- We will be setting up half hour time slots for each person
- If you can guarantee that you’ll be coming please provide Trevor with the following:
- Persona Name
- Position on Airship Passepartout
- Profession (may be the same as position)
- A scene (or two) in which you could see you character appearing
- Your backstory or information about your character

What you will receive:

- 1 Edited full size non water marked 300 dpi image, with printed and signed print release for personal use
- 1 Unedited un-watermarked 300 dpi image to be used as you wish

About the Photoshoot:

Good Photographics by Trevor Good is looking for a handful of models on March 16th 2014 for an upcoming project and for use in a sponsorship ad for the 2014 Steampunk Empire Symposium program. We would like to get a mix of both male and female models, with a wide variety of looks. All photos will be taken on a Grey Background for compositing, like that as seen in the above image. Trevor has been a professional photographer for 10+ years, but am just now starting to be able to photograph things that interest me.

Photoshoot Schedule:
11:00 – Sir Ernest
11:20 – Dr Gintia
11:40 – Odetta
12:00 – Tiki Von Sexron
12:20 – River Rose
12:40 – Cornin Orr
1:00 – Adelaide Lucille D’Aubigney
1:20 – Jake Gotto
1:40 – (Break / Catch Up)
2:00 – Minerva
2:20 – Sonar
2:40 – Kitty Kim
3:00 – Evangeline Mezzanotte
3:20 – Lisa BunnyBird
3:40 – Lady Penelope Rose Goldenheart
4:00 – Sir Ripley Zeff Goldenheart
(Time to catch Up / Clean Up)
5:00 – Salon at Spaghetti Warehouse


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